The Shenandoah belt knife: 

This one is named for one of my favorite places on earth, The mountains surrounding the Shenandoah valley in Virginia. Its Simple trade style knife very much like the early American woodsmen would have used. An excellent and capable bush knife. The blade is 6" long, 3/16" thick and the overall length is 11". The Shenandoah belt knife starts at $265 with standard materials. Pictured in 1084 steel with torched birds eye maple and brass pins. 

The Hunters Bowie:

The Hunters Bowie is an excellent and capable woods tool, great for heavy chopping and hacking. Its built with a classic clip point. The blade is 8.25" long, 3/16" thick and the overall length is 13". The Hunters Bowie starts at $300 with standard  materials. Pictured with standard blade finish and a handle made from natural canvas micarta with brass pins and lanyard hole.

The Backcountry Voyageur:

This knife gets its name from the French Canadian trappers and woodsmen of the Hudson Bay company.  It was defined in collaboration with Steven Clarke at  Backcountry King. This is one heck of a bush knife. It is a perfect "one tool option" That will tacked anything you throw at it!

The blade is 7" long, 3/16" thick and 1.5" wide. It has a very comfortable, and ergonomic feel to the handle from the coke bottle profile. The end of the tang is apposed just a bit so you have a safe way to pound in tent stakes or brake through ice.  This particular one was made with some nice Blodwood and brass pins and liners to match Steven's logo. Like all of my models, I can change out the materials to make it perfect for you.

The Backcountry Voyageur starts at $280 and goes up depending on materials.


the Puukko:

Puukko means "knife" in Finnish. This is a traditional Scandinavian utility knife, perfectly sutable for your bushcraft needs. Very comfortable and well ballenced. The blades on these guys are 4.5" long, 1/8" thick with a razor sharp Scandinavian grind. The overall length is 9" They start at $245. 

The Manistee Bushcrafter:

These guys start out as torch cut blanks and then I do all the grinding by hand. The handle construction process is the same as all my work. because the stock removal process (unlike forging on all my other work) is a faster process, I am able to offer these at a lower price point. I wanted to make this an available option for those who have expressed intrest in my work and want it to fit their budget.

The blade is 5.25" long, 5/32" thick and made from 1084 steel. The overall length is 9.75". It has a classic palm swell handle with pins, a lanyard tube and a full flat grind. They start at $180. 

Liner lock folders:

I was very happy to finally find a viable option to offer you guys a solid, reliable liner lock folder. Starting with pre-made liners and stainless hardware, I custom fit the scales and hand forge the blade. Just about any handle material and slight variations on the blade shape and finish are available. 

The blade on these guys are 3.5" long, 1/8" thick and forged from 1095 steel. The overall length is 8". These start at $295.